Is Iggy Working With Little Mix Or Not?

January 21, 2015 By Aaron


We may have finally found someone that serial collaborator Iggy Azalea won’t be working with, despite pretty compelling evidence to the contrary.

The internet was all of a buzz yesterday when a newly registered song entitled “Pretty Girls” seemed to indicate that Little Mix’s third album would feature a guess spot from none other than the self-proclaimed ‘realest’, Iggy Azalea. However, as is her wont, Iggy took to Twitter to clear up the rumour and typically, none of it makes much sense.

Check out the full details below:


As you can see from the image above, the track features writing credits from Iggy and all four quarters of Little Mix, so everyone naturally assumed that the I-G-G-Y would be making an appearance on the girl’s new record, speculated to drop in the first half of this year. Iggy wasn’t having any of it though, tweeting:

So what exactly is happening? If Little Mix are indeed unaffiliated with the track, and with Azalea’s history of spilling the beans on collabs months and months before they happen we should probably assume she isn’t just being coy, it’s likely to be a similar track to the Katy Perry written “Black Widow”. Chances are that Iggy got her hands on an abandoned Little Mix demo and is beefing it up for her much buzzed about forthcoming album.

It’s a shame really, because despite having two successful US albums, the UK X Factor winners Little Mix have yet to make any real impact on the Hot 100 – a collaboration from flavor of the month Iggy might have given them the push they were looking for. On the other hand, there’s no getting around the fact that Miss Azalea is horribly over-exposed right now, so a collaboration with the endless think-piece inspirer may have looked a little desperate (sorry Brit).

What do YOU think? Would you like to see Little Mix and Iggy working together?