Focusing on the music.

Well that’s a bummer.

When you first hear a song, some form of a visual is dispersed throughout your brain. Maybe it’s colors. Surely you think of something. But then when the music video comes along… everything changes. You’re seeing the song the way the artist wants you to. There’s something special about that. If you’re a fan of Calvin Harris’, you might have to stick to using your imagination.

The producer was poked by someone on Twitter asking where the videos for the Frank Ocean and Migos-assisted track “Slide” and “Heatstroke” featuring Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande are.

Harris responded: “I just do music in 2017.”

Now that can mean one of several things: either he isn’t putting forth any new music videos for the rest of the year, or he won’t have any involvement in them (which seems highly unlikely given his track record).

This is giving me “Love On The Brain” teas and I’m not OK with it. The plus side is it gives the Grammy Award winning producer more time to create music, but is the trade-off worth it? Could he not get Frank to appear in a vid? Is Ariana’s schedule too busy? Is this the first clear indicator that videos are dead? Are people so distracted that they can’t focus on a video for several minutes? What is the meaning of this?!


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