A screen cap from the video leaked.


Britney’s new song and video for “Make Me” might hit the net sooner than expected.

The last time BreatheHeavy wrote about the mystery surrounding Britney’s lead single to an album was in 2007 when Blackout had a rumored release which described “Get Back” to a tea. Then all of a sudden, “Gimme More” dropped, unannounced, and shook the pre-Instagram Internet and her music catalogue would be forever changed (for the better). Those are the vibes I get with her upcoming single “Make Me,” the first cut from Brit’s ninth studio record. We know she filmed a music video because the Queen was gracious enough to share a couple on-set photos from the video as well as give a behind-the-scenes interview with E! News, but despite the song and video’s existence, we have no idea when to expect it.

In fact, release dates were gabbed about since May, when it was reportedly originally meant to premiere during her performance at the Billboard Music Awards, but saw a delay because of production.

The latest guess is the end of July, but Team Britney might need to rethink that ASAP. A screen cap that looks authentic hit the Internet unexpectedly Friday morning (July 8), and it’s usually a sign of an impending leak. In the capture, Britney is wearing the outfit pictured above, and it appears to be taken from the video itself. Over it there’s a “play” symbol.

No, we aren’t linking you to it.

Are you ready for “Make Me?”

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