Is Britney Spears singing the postpartum blues?
The buzz is that Spears has been moody since giving birth to her son. “Brit’s mood has been up and down since she came home,” a Spears family friend told Life & Style Weekly. “She’s been crying through the smiles,” adds the friend. Spears’ rep insists that she is doing fine.
Spears is reportedly worried about getting back her once-svelte figure, and is concerned that her cesarean scar won’t heal completely. There’s also a report that hubby Kevin Federline almost forgot the couple’s September 18 anniversary — but made it up to her by buying a sapphire “mother’s ring.”
Separately, a source says that Spears wants to have a Kabbalah blessing for the child, and that the Rav — the head of the L.A. based Kabbalah Centre — may perform a “bris-like” ceremony, though it’s “unclear exactly how far they can go on such a thing,” says the source, “because even though she studies Kabbalah, she’s technically not Jewish.”
A spokesman for the Kabbalah Centre told the Scoop: “The Kabbalah Centre does not like to discuss the private lives of its students.”

Source: msnbc

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