Is Britney Pulling A Beyonce?

Let the rumors begin!

Now that Britney’s confirmed she’s in the recording studio, rumors of what she’s actually doing are making the rounds.

Word on the street today says Britney wants to “pull a Beyonce” as far as releasing a surprise album and that new music WILL be heard this year.

Says an alleged insider:

“There are quite a few gems from the BJ era that didn’t make the cut after Will.I.Am took over and him and the label went for a different approach. 1 song produced by Danja and 2 by Darkchild, which do deserve the stamp “Blackout 2.0″. I know that A&R for this new project is nearly completed and that no Executive Producer has been assigned, which either means that it’s going to be Britney herself or her A&R team at RCA.”

“A single will be dropped first, definitely! But there are plans to realease the album out of the blue!”

A plan to surprise fans with an album? Then why post a photo of her recording? Hmmm…