Sometimes I think this is all too much too soon for Britney. Earlier this year she was committed, and is now about to embark on a world tour? Whattttt?

According to, sources close to Britney are worried that the pressure of performing and touring may not be in Britney’s best interests at the moment. And the demands of fans wanting to sing live may be taking its toll on Britney.

One source said, “Britney has been told that if she doesn’t deliver on this tour a lot of the public support she has earned is going to fade away.”

But with the success of her new album launching to #1, amazing tour sales and hot promotional performances, shouldn’t Britney feel on top of the world?

“Britney is feeling the pressure more and more as she rehearses for the tour. She knows one slip-up and it could all be over for her because she will be crucified in the press. After what she’s been through, it’s hard to imagine how she’s going to cope.”

I still think a “Blackout” re-release was the way to go for this year. Yeah, I said it. BUT, things didn’t turn out that way, and as fans we need to continue to show love and support for Britney – including the rushed launch of her latest album Circus. Either way, Britney is doing amazing and I’m so proud of her!

Just wondering…

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