Is Britney Bulimic?

March 12, 2007 By Jordan Miller

According to Star Magazine, a source claims Britney has been binging and purging since the age of 16 and it’s affecting her rehab recovery.

“She’d pig out on junk food – chips, candy, cola and ice cream – and then she’d feel so guilty she’d go make herself throw up,” the source told Star. “The only thing that made her stop was when she got pregnant.”

Spear’s alleged condition has made her stint in rehab difficult according to the source, who said she has been diagnosed as bipolar.
“She is on medication for bipolar disorder, but the pills are not staying in her system because she is bulimic and is throwing them up before they can help her! ” the source said.

Britney is said to be making progress in Promises, the Malibu based rehab facility the singer has been receiving treatment at for 20 days. The photo agency X-17 shot photos of ex-husband Kevin Federline visiting her there with her children this past weekend.

According to the source, however, Britney has not accepted the severity of her condition.

“A lot of what she’s told goes in one ear and out the other,” the source said.

Source: Access Hollywood