Rosie is touring on the True Colors tour with Cyndi Lauper, and she talked about the rumors on her video blog ( today about whether Britney is performing or not. The Britney part is about 2 minutes in:


“And the rumors are swirling about that Britney is joining us in L.A. Now Cyndi said it wasn’t happening, and it’s [thank you] it’s Cyndi’s tour, so she would know. But if it is happening, I’m thrilled. ‘Cause I enjoy Britney.’ Brit if you’re watching… honey, you and me. We’re gonna share a backstage moment. Cause I love you kid.”

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Maybe Cyndi didn’t know at the time (when Rosie asked her). I mean Cyndi IS a little cooky… but whatever, the girl just wants to have fun. Plus is reporting it, as well as the theatre hosting this event (not to mention her choreographer confirmed it as well). Britney had auditions this week, too. And well… It’s still happening, damn it!


Rosie O’Donnell has sent a video message to Britney Spears, welcoming her to the Cyndi Lauper show that has featured O’Donnell on the drums.

“Brit, if you’re watching, honey, you and me – we’re gonna share, like, a backstage moment, ’cause I love you, kid!” O’Donnell says in a video blog shot during a concert tour stop in Texas.

Spears’s choreographer tells PEOPLE that the pop star plans to join Lauper and others onstage at Los Angeles’s Greek Theatre on June 30 for Lauper’s “True Colors” live concert.

O’Donnell says that was news to Lauper (a rep for the tour declined to comment), though Spears has been making semi-surprise appearances as she works on a new album, whose release date still has not been announced.

“If it is happening,” says O’Donnell. “I’m thrilled, because I enjoy Britney.”

In addition to Lauper, the show is also scheduled to include Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, The MisShapes with special guest Jeffree Star and host Margaret Cho. O’Donnell is expected to perform a stand-up routine at the show.

Meanwhile, Spears sent out a new mysterious message herself, posting it on the bottom of her Web site’s homepage: It reads, in its entirety, “Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you’re grand.”


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