Beyoncé may be planning to pull a… well, a Beyoncé.beyonce-surprise-album-2016

Rumor has it that Beyoncé is planning to release her sixth studio album in the middle of the Super Bowl.

Coldplay front man Chris Martin may be regretting his decision to invite Beyoncé on stage with them at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show as it’s speculated that the “Crazy in Love” singer will steal his thunder with a follow up to 2013’s ‘BEYONCÉ’.

The Sun and the Mirror report this morning that Beyoncé is going “to announce surprise album and tour after waiting for Adele hype to die down.”

Their ‘source close to the star’ (which let’s agree here and now, could be a source close to Beyoncé or it could be an unpaid intern at the Mirror) alleges that Beyoncé’s record has been ready to go since the end of 2015, but the “Drunk in Love” hitmaker has been sitting on the album as to not clash horns with Adele – who has dominated the charts with ’25’ since its release last November.

Now, however, that Adele’s sales are slowing down, Beyoncé is apparently ready to strike.

It’s no secret that Queen Bey has supposedly been shooting various music videos, which would be in keeping with the success of her last album, a visual record that launched 14 tracks alongside 17 music videos.

Similarly, a stadium tour is supposed to be on the horizon for Yoncé.

If Beyoncé does repeat history with another surprise album drop, there’s speculation as to whether she’ll be able to match her previous success, after ‘BEYONCÉ’ moved 500,000 digital copies in 24 hours.

Thoughts? Are you buying these reports?