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BreatheHeavy.com has new writers, *****!

After over a 150 submissions to write for BreatheHeavy.com, six made the cut! I am so excited to continue growing BreatheHeavy, and look forward to where this takes the site in the pop music news world (it’s a small one, afterall). In other words…

****’s getting REAL.

Without further ado… INTRODUCING:

Twitter: @nicksawaboy
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “I’m Destiny’s Adopted Child.”

My name is Nick and I’m what some people might call a southern gentleman. I adore Nicki Minaj, Super Smash Brothers, and fried chicken, so if you do too, let’s be best friends.

Twitter: @newyorkinstinct
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “People can read me all day, but I’ll just write, write, write.”

James is a twenty-something full-time music junkie, living in New York City. In his spare time, he enjoys endless debates about pop stars, eating pepperoni pizza and anything that Britney touches. Apart from his work at BreatheHeavy, his resume includes BET’s “106 & Park,” MTV News, SheKnows and Fuse News.

Twitter: @rosslohan
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “Somebody just needs to put Meghan Trainor to sleep.”

My name is Ross and I like to live vicariously through pop stars and reality TV until Rihanna lets me join her squad on the yacht. I’ve got a thing for pop’s bad girls, chicken and dancing like I’m Britney in 2002.

Twitter: @douglasScameron
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “I’ve got your crazy, and it’s in the shape of a heart.”

I was born sepia in a world that is black and white. Pop music curbs my aural fixation where other methods fail. My creative genius gets me what my silver tongue cannot. My path is full of interesting people, and my story was meant to be written in the stars. 1 part shade, 2 parts comedy, and a dash of charisma is my formulaic method.

Twitter: @AzButterfield
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “I’m crazier than Christina Aguilera and right about so many things it’d make your head spin.”

Aaron is a 23 year old pop music enthusiast who’s spent a fair amount of time as a narcissist. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks on the beach, venti soy lattes, and having Twitter feuds with people far more talented/important than him.

Twitter: @JessicaExhale
Real Housewives of BreatheHeavy Tagline: “I think too much about the things no one thinks about.”

“I’m a 24 year old Aussie chick with a passion for pop! Residing on the sunny Gold Coast while I work toward my degree, I enjoy going surfing, invoking the spirit of Michael Jackson on the dancefloor, and examining the more artistic side of pop music.

Special shout-out to Ridder, Claude, Hollow. and Da Fr3ak for their excellent moderation in Exhale!

I’m feeling left out, so I shall quote Britney Spears (because obviously): “Are you ready for what’s next?”