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Lilah Jane is one to watch.

She might be only 13-years-old, but this indie-pop artist is coming into her own, on her own. Taking inspiration from an array of various artists, including Brandi Carlile, Courtney Barnett, 21 Savage, Drake and Outkast, the San Clemente, CA-based singer-songwriter is exploring her artistry with two self-written cuts: “Take Me Away” and “Secrets.”

“Take Me Away”

Wailing over an electric guitar and throwback beachside vibrations, Lilah drifts away from the mundane on her Power Plant Records-produced song, “Take Me Away.”

♫ “If even our darkest places dont take me away, then I wont ever have to stay”

She tells that fond memories from a family vacation to Costa Rica and her “desire to escape the everyday routine of my life” inspired the song’s concept. “Sometimes the day to day stress of the same schedule can really make me feel frustrated and hold on tight to the memories of that trip,” she said. “I also experimented with leads on my guitar that reminded me of songs I had heard in my dad’s old surf videos.”


Writing the breezy acoustic tune was an effortless venture for Lilah, who tells BH the concept for it happened organically during a guitar sesh. “The words just started to flow together and the story in the song came out without me even planning it.”

♫ “You wanted me to be a part of this, but I dont even know the start of it”

The song details how a lack of communication in a relationship can inspire clarity. “Maybe the more confused you are, the more you talk about it and [eventually] work things out,” she said.

Keep your eyes on this one.

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