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Streaming culture is inundated with new music, and legitimately talented artists get a little lost in the wave of new music washing ashore each week. Someone we want to shine a light on is rising singer-songwriter, Kyunchi.

The NYC-based musician just released a gloriously glitch-tastic new song titled “Murakami,” featuring Aja. Frenetic synths and futuristic chirps rotate around Kyunchi’s robotized vocal. It’s an infectious ear worm that nestles in your brain, and it deserves all the spins.

Get familiar with Kyunchi’s tunes below, including his latest sparkly gem, “Regina George,” “Shopping Spree” & “Beauty Guru Fantasy,” before giving our Q&A your undivided attention!

Congrats on “Murakami!” It’s an electro-pop BOP. After the listener swipes away the glitz and glam, what do you hope that they take away from it?

Thank you so much. I think at first glance people might think that this is just another superficial song about designer bags and fashion brands but it actually has a deeper meaning. Identifying as a non-binary person I find a lot of my identity in fashion. I want the listeners to know that it’s okay to use fashion to express how they feel inside. Clothes and designer bags have no gender. I want people to feel confident when they wear their favorite fashion items regardless of how other people feel about it. I want people to not be afraid of being themselves. I want people to be happy.

“Murakami” has been in the works for a minute. Were you nervous to pull the trigger?

I’ve been teasing it for a while so I was more excited than nervous to share it with the world. Special songs take some time to develop and I just wanted everything to sound perfect. Creating music is like making a painting because assembling the art piece requires a lot of time and effort. I wanted to make something dope for all of my Internet friends to dance and shake their butts to. People have been super supportive so it was really important for me to not disappoint anyone. I wanted to really deliver with this release.

Tell me how AJA came to be featured on the track.

We’ve been following each other on Twitter for a while. I’ve always loved Aja’sstyle and fashion. They are super funny and similar to myself in many ways. When I was conceptualizing Murakami I wanted the song to be about fashion, gender, glamour and confidence. I thought that Aja would be an amazing fit for that kind of song. I decided to message Aja and ask if they would be down to collab. I feel like some people are afraid to reach out to artists they want to work with in fear of rejection and being told “no” but it’s really important to try and do that. You never know what can happen and life can really surprise you sometimes. Shortly after I messaged Aja I get a reply in my inbox “hey, what’s the t” fast forward a couple of months and now we’re here.

Ayesha Erotica is responsible for the track’s frenetic production – did she ace the vibe like you had hoped for?

Most definitely. Ayesha is such an amazing producer. She is one of my most favorite producers (PERIOD!) along with Sophie and Yasutaka Nakata. She has an ability to capture the vibe perfectly. I also love that she gives me some creative freedom as opposed to just selling me a beat. Before the full beat was even made she sent me a bunch of drum files to choose from. After I selected the drum file I liked the most, we just kind of developed the beat more from there.

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Try to focus less on labeling other people and spend more time putting labels on yourself (designer labels) ? Murakami feat. @ajathekween is finally out? Link in the bio ? Photographer: @avine_ Stylist: @irina_chernyak Makeup: @sofichernyak Hair: @jinnhair Nails: @nailsbydariadaria Fashion Assistant: Julia Seregina #model #editorial #makeup #hair #nails #avantgarde #blonde #music #newyork #streetstyle #jewelry #kyunchi #gold #scene # MySpace #streetphotography #photography #boys #girls #lgbt #style #genderfluid #nonbinary #ファッション #ジェンダーレス #мода #стиль

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What’s your experience like as a rising musician in the digital age?

It’s super fun! All of the love and support has been amazing and I am very grateful for it. Of course there’s a little bit of pressure to perform well. I want to continuously improve and make better music. I want each new release to be bigger and better than the previous one. Recently I’ve started developing my image more and taking things like promo photos and music videos into consideration. This is what people want to see – and I’m going to give it to them.

Do you feel like it’s harder to break into the industry since we’re inundated with new music now more than ever?

I believe now is the easiest time to break into the music industry. People can literally create hits inside of their bedrooms. You don’t really need super expensive gear either. It can all be done on your computer so literally anyone can do it. Grimes has been creating gorgeous and stunning music since forever – and it has been done from home. I definitely think that there’s a sense of competition right now but if you just focus on creating music and not worry about who gets how many plays then you’ll be fine. You just need a unique point of view that is different from anything else that is out right now.

What do you want people to know about you?

I’m an artist and a mother. I’m a mother to my art and I’m ready to give birth to the wonderful world that lives inside of me. I just want to create stunning visuals and make catchy music. I want to make people happy with what I create.

What does success in music look like to you?

Success to me is having the creative freedom to produce visuals and music exactly as I see it in my mind. I want to continuously engage with my listeners and transport them into my digital world. Being able create what I love for the people that I love – I would consider that being successful.

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