Is this aqua-haired 20-year-old the new face of indie pop?

Introducing:  Halsey

The latest independent act stirring up serious online hype is New Jersey’s Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey.

The fiercely confident singer/songwriter has garnered lots of attention on tumblr and twitter thanks to her awesome views on feminism, songwriting, women in music and through her close relationship with her steadily growing fanbase.

On that last point, as this very informative twitter account shows, a chance encounter with the singer might just get you a ticket to first base, pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

So what kind of music does she make?

Halsey is currently carving a name for herself in the indie-pop niche, where a number of young women are finding the kind of creative freedom they seek to express themselves with, but is not often found when taking a primarily mainstream approach to breaking into the music industry. With a strong, charismatic presence and airy, hypnotic vocals, Halsey brings to mind equally intriguing, alternative pop artists like Lana Del Rey, Bea Miller, Lorde and Banks.

Check out some choice tracks below:

Halsey’s debut album BADLANDS will be released later in the year, but it has already shot to the top of the iTunes pre-order charts. The 20-year-old shared her excitement on Twitter:

The first promotional single, Hold Me Down, was released earlier this week:

Just try not to get that chorus stuck in your head all day…

Halsey talked about what the new album represents in a recent interview:

“Badlands is just a greater body of work. It’s a place; a metaphor for my mental state. The Badlands are isolated. Chaotic. Commercial. Gluttonous. And midway through the record the protagonist makes a decision to escape, though unsure of what lies beyond the only place they’ve ever known. This symbolizes my choice to leave a depressive state of mind and seek solace in a more optimistic place. Leaving behind the devastation but carrying the baggage still. It’s darker, more industrial. And we’ve attempted to create a physical space with sound. It’s an adventure; it’s a movie with no picture”

She also spoke with Fuse about her deep love for pop music:

“I pride myself on making pop music that’s almost ironic. The record that’s coming out, those songs have such a strong pop sensibility because I f*cking love pop music. I’m not afraid of pop music. A lot of artists are f*cking scared of pop music and there’s no reason to be because pop music is essentially popular music. I write about *** and sadness that, in a way, is almost tongue-in-cheek, without being blatantly ironic or blatantly sarcastic. I definitely don’t want to have some kind of schtick.”

Halsey is currently supporting rockers Imagine Dragons on their tour until August.

Is Halsey the next big thing? Let us know what you think of her in Exhale!