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Streaming culture is inundated with new music, and legitimately talented artists get a little lost in the wave of new music washing ashore each week. Someone we want to shine a light on is rising singer-songwriter, Devin Rodriguez.

The Jersey City-based 23-year-old has released a couple of infectious new tunes recently, including “All I Really Want Is U,” the lead single off Devin’s forthcoming album, bittersweet, out May 24th.

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Rodriguez says his album began as a way of expressing his sorrow from heartbreak, but changed his frame of mind and ultimately created a body of work that’s uplifting and bright.

Listen to Devin’s new single, then get to know him a little better with our exclusive Q&A together, below.

“All I Really Want Is U” is an infectious, electro-tinged track that finds you singing with swagger and confidence. Tell me about the creation of it, and why did you decide on this as the first official release from your forthcoming album?

I recorded the song November of 2018, and I was going to scrap the song! I was thinking about selling it to somebody, because I felt as tho the song wasn’t good enough for the album, but my friends snapped me out of my crazy thinking, thank God! I wrote this song after coming out of a depressive phase in my life. You would think after listening to this song that I’m talking about a guy, but I was honestly singing about how happy I was just finally being able to be content with myself. I was so sad dealing with a breakup, health scare & etc till the point where I was like the only person that I want is is me! I want to be happy and I want to love myself completely. The song just stood out amongst all the other records that I’ve recorded in my bedroom. It truly was my baby!

You recently teased one of the new songs, “Ur Man.” Why’d that one make the cut to preview next versus the others you could have chosen?

“Ur Man” is such a dope record, but I have so many other tracks on this album that I feel are more fire than “Ur Man”. I don’t want to give the audience too much. I rather start them off slow and work there way up to the bigger tracks. It’s like Lady Gaga when she came out with “Just Dance”. Each single she released from The Fame sounded more iconic than the previous release which made you just say “Hold up, this girl is really scalping me with each release.”

‘bittersweet’ is out in a month. What are you hoping people take away from your work when they listen?

Hmmmmm. Honestly, i want people to know how serious of a artist I am. I love music & I want people to see that in some of these songs! Each track off this album I wrote and recorded in my room by myself! I’m in this to let people know that I’m here to leave my footprints in (not the sand) but the concrete! 

What are some of your worries and fears leading up to the release? 

My fears would have to be the reaction I might get after the audience listen to the record! I would hope they love it as much as I do, but you can’t please everyone, you know? 

What inspired the record? Is it an album full of songs pertaining to love? Heartbreak? Guilt-free fun? What’s the overall tone?

The album was originally titled Therapy, and it had such a sad moody tone throughout the whole entire project. I was so broken after my split with my ex & then there were all these other things that were hitting me all at once that really messed me up mentally, which made me honestly say, “I need to get myself in order”. After September flew by, I went back to work! I became so much more aware & happier than before. The toxic energy that I was experiencing in 2018 was no longer taking place, due to the simple fact that I stopped surrounding myself with certain people! I didn’t want to sing about how “you did me wrong “ on 10 tracks. This album that I saw in my mind was a boy finding his confidence & realizing his worth. Everything that I went through in the year of 2018 was “Bittersweet“. It had its high moments, but it also had it low moments as well! This album contains all kind of elements till the point where you almost kind of feel like you’re on a roller coaster! You have your love songs, you’re breakup songs, & those songs where you just wanna get lose too! It’s such a vibe from start to finish! 

How do you want to set yourself apart from other artists on the rise?

I do it all. I sing, dance, write, produce, engineer etc! I don’t want to wait for “Hollywood” to knock my door, I’ll simply knock on theirs with material already wrapped in some cute Christmas wrapping paper. I’m bold with my lyrics and I’m not afraid to make a bold statement through my art!

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Wow! There’s so many i can name like J.Lo, Mariah carey, Rihanna, but the one that is honestly my main inspiration would have to be Tinashe! She’s an artist that I look up to so much! Her debut Aquarius was by far the best debut from a brand new artist in the game. She records in her bedroom just like me and her music is just different! She’s so raw and unique. I would love to collab with her one day! All my music that I do has somewhat of an influence from listening to her!

What do you consider being successful in music means?

Having a sold out show sing your song for you. That’s when you know!

What’s something inspirational you can share with people? 

Never give up! So many producers didn’t want to work with me because of my sexuality! I didn’t let that get to me and I kept on pushing! don’t compete with others, compete with yourself!

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