“Acting Natural simply means to naturally be what you are. To be Aware, Awake, Able and Alive.”

“Acting Natural simply means to naturally be what you are. To be Aware, Awake, Able and Alive.”

Rap, hip hop and pop dominates mainstream music right now, but rock & roll trio, Acting Natural, made up of life-long friends Eric Carnevale (lead singer & guitarist), James David Maney (bass guitarist/vocalist) and Jesse Leonard (drummer/vocalist) have plans to infiltrate. They just released their six-track self-titled EP, and dropped by the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas last Saturday (Sep. 23) to spread the good word. BreatheHeavy caught up with the guys for a brief chat about their whirlwind 2017, working together since they were 10-years-old and their upcoming release plans.

What’s the reaction been since releasing the EP?
“It’s incredible. We put our hearts and souls into this. We recorded this a little bit ago so it’s really exciting to get it out,” they said. “It also makes me ponder on the future of our music.”

The future… where do you see yourselves going?
“The top,” they said with a laugh. “Improving our craft.”

Why an EP versus an album?
“Looking back on it maybe we should have done a full-length album, at the time we had a select few songs that we wanted to use – that we put together, and a couple new ones that we wrote while we were recording that, and it worked it. It’s a good length.”

The guys add their near-future plans are to release a string of singles.

‼️BIG Announcement‼️We are beyond excited to announce that our NEW EP is dropping THIS FRIDAY!! We put our hearts and souls into this record and had so much fun recording it. Follow the link in our bio to Pre-Order now! We are so grateful to be able to share our music with all of you, thank you very much for the continued support. ~AN

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And you’ve known each other your entire lives? Does that make the creation process easier or more difficult?
“It’s easier to work through stuff that normal bands usually go through because we’ve known each other, and it’s a basis of friendship. We can move through those times when [things] get tough. Especially nowadays… knowing so long the petty stuff gets dropped really quick. Being in a band is like being in a relationship or a family. You have to communicate and be open with each other.”

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