An excerpt from an interview with Steven Beers. He was one of Britney’s early lawyers and was a partner with Larry Rudolph in the now defunct Rudolph & Beers law firm.

Can you name drop for a second…who are some of your clients, past and present?
I’ve worked with incredibly talented and inspirational entertainers ranging from filmmakers like Michael Cuesta and Kirby **** to musical artists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and more recently The Honey Brothers.

What did you do for someone like Britney Spears?
We were her counsel and helped launch her career in conjunction with the record label, so there were some management functions involved. Ultimately at the end of the day, we were helping to build a business around an entertainer at a time when that was not the convention, but certainly it is today.

When and how did you meet her?
We met her when she was 14. She had come to New York to get some training and to do some auditions. Someone who wanted to work with her attended a recording agreements class I was teaching and introduced her to my ex-partner and me.

Can you talk about the relationship you have with your clients. What are celebrities like to work with?
Celebrities have expectations that are consistent with their reality. Their reality is in a different place than people like you and me, so there is an element of TLC but there’s also element where you have to manage the process and stay within yourself. My priority isn’t my business, it’s my family [three kids and a wife]. I try to manage a relationship from the beginning so the expectations are clear as to whether or not I’m going to fly to distant locations or stay up past my bedtime to accommodate a personality.

Credit: Britellectual

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