Sabrina Claudio and chill to the R&B singer’s new release, ‘No Rain, No Flowers.’


Sabrina Claudio and chill to the R&B singer’s new release, No Rain, No Flowers.


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It’s Friday. That means an avalanche of EDM-tinged dance bops have hit the net, and it’s up to me to guide you in the right direction – I’m going to remove you from that entirely for a moment.

Singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio released a new project this week titled No Rain, No Flowers. On it, SC dives into herself, indulging in an inner tranquility. It’s clear Claudio has spent time on exploring, navigating and ultimately culminating her deepest desires into something tangible for us to absorb. Look, it’s been a rough week for all of us. Sit back, relax, and let Sabrina make it all better.

BH: You mentioned creating No Rain, No Flowers in a month and a half. What do you recall being the overwhelming feeling during that process?

SC: “I found myself in a super vulnerable state. Going back to my other projects, I normally didn’t write from personal experience. They were usually stories or conversations I had with people in my life. I had to be selfish with ‘no rain, no flowers’ and write about everything I was going through. It was the only outlet I had and because of that, everything flowed so naturally. So within a month and a half, I had a full project that reflected exactly what my process of healing was.”


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I know each song is special in its own right, but which one in particular holds special meaning for you?

“‘Messages From Her’ is probably the one that holds that special meaning. Conceptually, it’s incredibly personal and I couldn’t believe I allowed myself to write about something that I struggle with on a daily basis. But it was a message I had to express and it ended up being one of the most powerful pieces I’ve created.”


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What do you want people to take away from the new tunes after listening to it?

“I honestly just want to reach as many people as I can. There isn’t anything specific I want people to take away from it just because everyone can relate to each song in their own way. The message I’m trying to relay in my songs may not exactly be the one they receive and they may receive it differently. So, all I wish for is to heal people with the music that I created to help heal myself.”

“I just want to help heal. If I can help one person, if I can be the voice that someone is looking for then I’ve succeeded.”


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Stream No Rain, No Flowers below:


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