The trends start with Selena.

The trends start with Selena Gomez.

We had a little bit of a scare for a second there. Today claimed Gomez mentioned taking a hiatus to focus on having “a personal life,” but turns out that was a case of sensationalism. On the Internet? Never!

In the time since, reports have circled back to the music front. Gomez has a country duet in the works with Thomas Rhett, possibly one her SO The Weeknd and another with rapper Gucci Mane. The pop star also tapped Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter for new tunes – they’re the dream team behind Revival. For what it’s worth, Maluma wants one too, and that should definitely happen. That’s a lot to take in, and it gets better.

Interscope head honchos John Janick and vice chairman Steve Berman chatted with Hits Daily Double about the tumultuous state of the industry and how they found success anyway. Namely, allowing musicians to grow their artistry, and they cite Selena as a prime example.

“I think we’ve only scratched the surface with her,” Janick says. “When I signed her, she wanted to figure out how to transition to a more mature sound, and her last album was the biggest she’s ever had. But the next one, from what music we have already, blows away what she did before. There was some great music on the last album and big hits with “Good for You” and ‘Same Old Love.'”

Then he goes there: “But the music she’s making now is next-level.”

Part of the interview sounds like he’s talking about a product and not an actual person, which is obviously extremely upsetting, but the prospect at Selena making another massive record is exciting. Like it or not, mellow pop got a huge surge after Revival. Let’s see what she comes up with next.

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