New reports claim Britney is still a controlled, heart broken and freedomless woman.

Britney’s father and co-conservator, Jamie Spears, has transformed Britney’s public persona over the last two years, and has done so through intimidation and chewing tobacco.

“He’s really trying to clean up her image,” said an inside source. “He’s making a lot of changes to the people around her, everyone is a bit on edge they could be the next one to be replaced.”

Jamie and his team hired and fired various people in the Spears camp, including the original tour director Wade Robson, the tour choreographer, Brit’s tour assistant, developer Joseph Nejman and a plethora of staff.

Her team is scared to let anybody get too close or learn too much about Britney.

“Britney’s family has seen what happens when she gets too close to outsiders and they lose control, they don’t want it happening again,” said the source.

A.K.A. they want to remain in complete control and could care less what BRITNEY wants!

Sadly, Britney has seemingly lost all hope about regaining control of her life.

“She is so out of it she just doesn’t care anymore,” added our insider. “She just does what she’s told and is totally in her world, she’ll even call people at all hours of night for a general conversation and acts like it’s the middle of the day or something.”

Free Britney!


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