A source reveals to BreatheHeavy.com a few details from Wednesday’s backup dancer auditions at Center Stage in Burbank, CA for her upcoming music video.

Many of the dancers that made it to the end of choreographer Brian Friedman’s grueling audition (surviving several cuts) are on TV, including Wesley Quinn from Glee, and Ashley Galvan and Nick Lazzarini from “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Tucker Barkley assisted Brian for the auditions, while Jesse Santos checked people in.

One insider says Brian cut it down to 30 people at the end, but has 10 other professional dancers who did not attend the auditions yesterday in mind to use.

Nothing’s set in stone, but “Brian might hire a skeleton crew to workshop the video then hire who he wants for the real video,” said the insider.

The audition lasted over 10 hours, with one dancer telling BreatheHeavy even Britney would have trouble keeping up with the choreography five years ago. Another said it was “really awesome and fast.”

All the dancers that danced for Brit before had to re-audition, a first, says the source.

The music video shoot is scheduled for Mid-January when the single’s released.

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