I get all sorts of emails sent in from fans with the latest scoop on Brit Brit, true or not. This email in particular is about the debate stirring up amongst fans about Britney’s fourth single off Femme Fatale. Is it going to be “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” with (or without) Sabi, or the “Dr. Luke produced hit “Inside Out.”

After many polls, posts, facebooks later, it’s still up in the air (uh, Sabi herself admits she’s in the dark about it).

This email could be from someone in the know, or someone misled. You decide. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments!


All three [singles] were sent. Both (1)”Inside Out” and (2)”Drop Dead Beautiful” and a (3)rapless version of “Drop Dead Beautiful” (not “Criminal” — it seems like a decoy) to test spin overnight. There were no incentives and none of Britney’s management was involved — the decision is strictly label based and the label has been looking for input. I am not sure how call out turned out in Dallas and New York, but I do know that “Drop Dead Beautiful” received poor call-out scores in LA. I also figure that it was the label’s top decision since they sent out two versions of the song.

Wasn’t sure if you were aware of the fact that “Criminal” is just being used as a placeholder and not a serious consideration. The program director of Z100 and someone high up at Clear Channel prefer “Inside Out.” Regardless of what they think, though, the label is going to release “Drop Dead Beautiful” if they don’t see more support for “Inside Out.”

On a personal note, I think releasing “Drop Dead Beautiful” will kill the album after a very successful but short three single run. It’s immediately recognizable and catchy, but unlike the previous three singles, it’s burnout factor is extremely high. It’s also quite immature and will do nothing for her critics or casual listeners. On the other hand, “Inside Out” sounds like another slow-burner smash — and releasing it seems crucial. The song makes a big statement, it’s provocative, and the production is very forward. It fits in with what’s on the radio, but it will also standout in a really good way.

If you’re on board with “Inside Out,” (which I recall you were) I’d make it known to the fans and Britney’s team!

So, after all this… it STILL sounds like they’re shooting for (Drop Dead) Beautiful for single number four. Do you agree? Disagree? Do tell…

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