This is my karma for making fun of Britannica from yesterday. She got to attend Britney’s birthday party at Tenjune in New York City this evening, while I get to sit in my apartment in Las Vegas and study for finals. Yes, I’m bitter… and want you to know!

Check out these **** pictures of Britney inside her 27th birthday bash tonight. According to Britannica, Britney looked “stunning” yet shy at the party, saying:


“Simply gorgeous. She seemed a little nervous as she took her spot up front, biting her lower lip and fidgeting with her hands in typical Britney fashion…. But Brit instantly relaxed as Jive President Barry Weiss approached to wish her a happy birthday and a congrats for 10 years of success. Britney looked truly blessed… and happy!”

I’m so proud of you Britney; you continue to selflessly inspire others and do so with class and integrity. A million happy birthdays! Never give up hope!

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