Kick off your week with the mellow tones from 23-year-old singer INGLSH.


INGLSH gets honest with herself in her emotionally honest new song “Russian Roulette”.

INGLSH’s new tune “Russian Roulette” is a taste of what’s to come from her upcoming five-song EP, which she says was inspired from newfound freedom. The heartfelt mid-tempo indie electronic track is covered in heavy synths and features multi-layered vocals which defines INGLSH’s unique sound. The song is complimented by an artsy black-and-white music video directed by Shiro Gutzie that is highly personal and finds her stripped to the core.

“The song is about the danger of staying in a relationship when you know deep inside it is not the right one,” INGLSH tells of “Russian Roulette” which premieres exclusively on BreatheHeavy today (July 18). “The metaphor of Russian Roulette in a relationship is that there is a chance you may make it, but the odds are stacked up against you. You have to have the strength to recognize the risk and be able to walk away unharmed.”

“You’re no good I know, but I can’t let you go / You and I have been here before playing Russian Roulette”

INGLSH says the video’s concept is a personal conversation between herself. “We decided it should be me going through all of the emotions I was feeling and telling my story,” she said. “It was a very emotional day and I found myself in tears between takes… It wasn’t an easy shoot but it was hard in the right way. I wanted to do something very raw where I could bare my all, but also show the heaviness that comes with the lyrics. Ultimately, wearing nothing was a way to strip everything away while the heavy makeup represents the emotional struggle I was dealing with. After that, the answer was clear and that all I needed to do was to pour my heart out in front of a camera without props or a big set.”

She adds: “Relationships are not easy. We need to take chances to find our life partners, but also recognize your self worth and move on when you know it is no longer healthy to stay in it.”


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