Information On Britney’s Collaboration With DFA

January 5, 2006 By Jordan Miller

Most surreally, they spent an afternoon in the studio with Britney Spears. “That was weird,” says Goldsworthy. “Won’t do that again. No offense to her – she’s lovely. Got a foul mouth, though!” The brief session came to nothing, through lack of common musical ground.

“When we work with people, we hang out, listen to records, share stuff,” says Murphy. “But with Britney we had absolutely no way of communicating. She didn’t know anything that we knew.” Its ability to straddle genres while maintaining a definitive sound has even sparked an interest from the pop world. “We spent a day working with Britney Spears on a song and just thought, ‘This is silly. It isn’t really our thing.’ We’re not being superior. It’s just not the way we work,” they said of the ill-fated collaboration.