Jeff just got this e-mail from a fan who was on the set of the “My Prerogative” music video shoot!

Hey Jeff,

I love your site. It is every fans dream come true.

Well to the important stuff. Yesterday I was at the Britney shoot all day with someone who for contract sake will be nameless. When we got there, the car was already in the pool. It was a white porch but I am not sure what year it was. They were already filming in the house, by the way was beautiful. Its the same house that was used for (Halloween: H2O and the pool scene in Clockstoppers)

The concept for the video is a little more than what was written on your site. The wedding is no ordinary wedding. She has a black dress with black and white rose peddles all over the floor and instead of chairs for the guest, they have vintage old velvet couches spread out all over. It looked kind of like a “Guns and Roses” wedding.

For the pool scene, she sits on the hood of the car in a dark green dress splashing around water, singing and dancing the beginning of the song. She looked amazing and I finally understand the phrase “something about them when they are on film.” The song itself is great. She didn’t change much from what I could tell but the hook has a completely different feel. Like a Indian-Arab like feel. Great for some bell dancing. “Bringing back those Slave For You days!”

She is sooo sweet. That was my biggest fear seeing her in person. I hoped that even though I get to see this great and beautiful singer in person my bubble of what I thought she was like would pop. But it didn’t. She was very nice to all the crew and the extras. When her leg started to hurt she asked if she could have a break and for the position she was in sitting in that water at like 10pm at night for about an hour, she couldn’t have been nicer. The video is going to be amazing and trust me, from a true fan, you all will love the finished product. I hope this helps you all out.

P.S. There will be a scene in nothing but knee high stockings and a tight black undergarment. She looked soo HOT!

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