In Touch: Britney Has Curfew On Tour, Rep Denies?

June 1, 2011 By Jordan Miller

Britney has a curfew on her upcoming tour in an effort to guard her, reports In Touch.

Britney’s team “won’t allow her out after shows, and dancers won’t be able to drink around her at all.”

An insider tells the mag Britney has to “take her medicine faithfully” in order to avoid trouble. “While she seems to be holding it together now,” admits the magazine, “Any shift could be enough to throw her – and the tour – off balance.”

A supposed rep for Britney tells Gossip Cop the entire story is “absurd and completely not true.”

I have a hard time believing any rep for Britney is commenting on her medical status. In Touch is probably not far off; all of her dancers and tour-workers had to sign agreements saying they would not drink or do drugs whilst on the tour. Even Nicki Minaj! Sorry, Gossip Cop, better luck next time! I think this is true!