Britney’s W Magazine issue was easily one of her most famous spreads in the era because she DGAF, and owned it.

A then 21-year-old Britney opened up about Justin Timberlake “selling her out,” partying and not understanding why everyone around her gave a **** if she caused a little trouble.

“I was never hiding anything,” she says. “It was the people around me that were hiding me. The publicists would call me and they were like ‘Oh, my God. This was in the newspaper.’ And I’m like ‘Cool.’ I mean, what are you going to do? I think if I sat there and tried to hide it, it would look kind of stupid. Honestly, because I know I’m not supposed to do it, it makes me want to do it.”

It was also the first magazine spread spread she revealed some of the new tracks off “In The Zone,” including “Showdown” and the RedZone produced tracks.

“They’re the first people I’ve ever worked with where it’s like I’m listening to it off the radio. Where I’m like ‘yeah! I’m jamming with myself,'” she says of RedZone. “It’s weird. I’ve never done that before.”

Check out the entire issue, including the article, in XRAY:

In The Zone Takeover: W Magazine