In The Zone Takeover:

In The Zone Takeover: "Breathe On Me"

“Breathe On Me” was never a single, but it’s gotta be one of her favorite songs to perform. She killed it at her surprise performance at Rain nightclub at the Palms in Vegas, rocked it on her ABC special “In The Zone & Out All Night,” and performed it at The Onyx Hotel, House of Blues and “Circus” tours.

It was written by Stephen Lee, Steve Anderson and Lisa Greene and produced by Mark Taylor. She combined her breathy vocals with a **** bass to create this pop masterpiece.

Britney said of the direction of this record: “It should just happen naturally from the way you feel. […] Whatever happens, happens.” A distant cry from what she told Diane Sawyer during her primetime interview: “it’s about breathing!”

Uh huh.

Hopefully we see this **** in Vegas!