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Bisexual King: Harry Styles Says “We’re all a little bit gay, aren’t we?”

My body feels things.


The headline says it all.


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During Harry’s show at the The Forum in L.A. on Saturday, the singer responded to a fan’s sign that read: “I’m gay and I love you.”

“We’re all a little bit gay, aren’t we?,” he responded.

Yes, Harry. I am very. Call me.




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Harry Styles got the gays in a tizzy this weekend when he pointed at himself during his most-recent concert and sang:


“The boys and the girls are in
I mess around with him
And I’m okay with it”


The lyrics are from his song “Medicine” off his 2017 debut album.

We love sexual fluidity. Call me, king.



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Yesterday, I shared a new photo of a naked Harry Styles, and it was one of the most-trafficked stories of the day. Perhaps lightning can strike twice.

You guys are clearly as thirsty as I am (and equally unapologetic?), so check out this new clip of Harry getting awfully close to his guitarist, Mitch Rowland, during their show in Indianapolis on Wednesday (June 27). There are dozens of Tweets to Harry asking if they’re dating. I don’t know and low-key don’t care. This video is enough.

I hope you’re not in public.


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What’s happening here ?

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harry’s face in this makes me bUsT he’s into it he’s into it he’s kinda into it

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