I’m Tired of Rumors Startin’

August 4, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Fake rumors and exaggerated hype, well… lies, come with the territory when Britney’s on the verge of releasing new music. It’s only a matter of time til’ they catch steam and fans believe it. Here’s the latest batch of fuckery going around the Britney world.

Jean Baptiste Instagram
Check out this screencap from Album 8 producer Jean Baptiste’s Instagram with lyrics and writing credits on a new song called “Police.” The thing is… he doesn’t have an Instagram (BreatheHeavy does though! @breatheheavycom).

I'm Tired of Rumors Startin'

TITLE: POLICE (3:48 OR 3:46)
*unreadable*, Ester Dean, Wiz Khalifa, will.i.am, Jean Baptiste
#ArrestMe #CallThePolice #GameChanger #September #Studio #ItsBritneyBitch #FeedTheWolves

New Single Titled “Sanctuary”
This was posted on Exhale, but of course no source or anyone else to back up the claim. I reached out to the radio station for them to confirm or deny but never received a response.

“As confirmed by the radio 97.9 The Box, Britney Spears new single “Sanctuary” will be available starting 27 September. It’ll be available on iTunes starting that date and every other media outlet.”

Made Up Britney Tweet
Homegirl never Tweeted this and that photo is a manipulation taken from her 2011 Billboard Music Awards performance with Rihanna. Nice try!

I'm Tired of Rumors Startin'

Pretty creative guys, but come on… let’s leave the tricks up Britney’s sleeve and off the Internet!

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