I’m Surprised Too

Last night Kevin was awarded “Father of the Year” by Prive nightclub. “‘I’m surprised,’ Federline said when asked how it felt to win the title,” according to UsMagazine.com. Ha no **** buddy, so is the rest of the world.

Kevin showed up to the ceremony party around 1 am with 8 drinking buddies, including his money-hungry lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan. So nice to see Mark Kaplan out getting wasted with his client! I think Brett (Britney’s assistant) and Mark Kaplan would be perfect for each other: both getting a free trip to Vegas on Britney’s tab!

“Prive presented Federline his Father of the Year trophy ‘someplace quiet’ at the dad-of-four’s request, so clubgoers didn’t see the ceremony, according to a source.” Meaning the club was too embarrassed to present him the award in public.

They all left around 3:15 am. Congrats?

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