Last night Kevin was awarded “Father of the Year” by Prive nightclub. “‘I’m surprised,’ Federline said when asked how it felt to win the title,” according to Ha no **** buddy, so is the rest of the world.

Kevin showed up to the ceremony party around 1 am with 8 drinking buddies, including his money-hungry lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan. So nice to see Mark Kaplan out getting wasted with his client! I think Brett (Britney’s assistant) and Mark Kaplan would be perfect for each other: both getting a free trip to Vegas on Britney’s tab!

“Prive presented Federline his Father of the Year trophy ‘someplace quiet’ at the dad-of-four’s request, so clubgoers didn’t see the ceremony, according to a source.” Meaning the club was too embarrassed to present him the award in public.

They all left around 3:15 am. Congrats?

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