Britney’s co-conservator and (cough) father quit his job as a chef in order to “look after” Britney 24/7. As compensation, the judge agreed to give Jamie $10,000 a month. More than he made as a chef I’m sure.

According to, “he’s her full-time *****.” Their words not mine… He has been running errands, buying groceries, paying her bills, managing her medical care and “cooking supper on a regular basis.” In addition to all these mundane little things, he spends his days and nights as his daughter’s pal — to “ensure her comfort and well-being.”

“Jamie filed THESE PAPERS [today] accounting for his every move to keep everything above board– and make sure all involved knew exactly what he was up to.”

Oops!… he left off trips to Kentwood, Costa Rica, Las Vegas, golfing with Kfed etc… Must have slipped his mind.

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