He still has the club going up.

iLoveMakonnen rumors music video

Since it’s Tuesday, it seems only right that we hear a song from the man who made the club go up on it.

ILoveMakonnen released the video for his acoustic song “Rumor” adding a bit of unexpected versatility to his repertoire.

It would have been easier and probably more strategic for ILoveMakonnen to follow up on the success of the Drake assisted “Tuesday” with another club banger geared at urban radio. He did the exact opposite, likely taking advice from his OVO label owner Drake who is known to not follow trends as he seamlessly jumps from emo-rap to R&B.

“Rumor” is like a mash-up of The Weeknd and Johnny Cash, with the same unique flair and warbly vocals from “Tuesday.” The video is simple, black and white, and a bit eerie. It features more shots of the subdued and possibly chemically altered crowd grooving along to ILoveMakonnen onstage than ILoveMakonnen himself.


I didn’t pay much attention to ILoveMakonnen after the hype of “Tuesday” wore off assuming he’d be a one hit wonder. I underestimated his talents and am really excited to see where he goes next musically.

WWhat do you think of ILoveMakonnen’s “Rumor”?