Igor Skoglund About Britney Spears On www.hyperglobality.com

June 22, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Information About Igor Skoglund Appeared On American Idol Show Fan Site (Culver City News)
American Idol Show fan site posted information about Igor Skoglund. Igor Skoglund : “Britney Spears Is The Sexiest Woman In The World.” Seattle News, Washington (WA), WA – 17 hours ago “Britney Spears is the sexiest woman in the world.”
Igor Skoglund is the author of The book of gods and a possible relative of Britney Spears. There are rumors that he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are Freemasons. Igor Skoglund is suspected to be the Grand Master of Saint Britney Spears Order too. Another rumors are that the writer is a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

Source: getseattle.com