Iggy Azalea isn’t looking the other way.

Iggy Azalea isn’t looking the other way.


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Bad blood! It appears Iggy is still bothered by Halsey’s harsh words earlier this year (read in the previous report update below).

If we are to believe this Tweet is in fact real, Iggy went IN.

I can’t confirm this is about Halsey, but fans put the pieces of the puzzle together and, WELP.

“Also to clarify, TST [‘Tokyo Snow Trip’] is about a b—h doing coke and being a f—ing liar *** crazy b–ch. Its not about ME doing any. lol.”

“Tokyo Snow Trip” is one of Iggy’s new Survive The Summer tracks. Listen to it here.

FYI this Tweet includes photos of Halsey snorting… something… and a picture of a G-Eazy sans pecs.

This just got a lot more interesting, especially considering they just broke up.

Halsey’s response in 3… 2…


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The Australian rap star quickly caught wind of Halsey’s Twitter shade yesterday (April 2). Halsey took offense to someone saying her upcoming music video for “Alone” looks like Iggy’s “Savior” clip.

“How can u rip off someone who ripped u off?,” Halsey wrote in a now-deleted Tweet. Read the full story here.

Iggy’s laughing that off. She posted a meme that reads: “Is it crack? Is that what you smoke? You smoke crack?”


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It’s worth mentioning that earlier this year paparazzi caught Halsey in a precarious position – it appeared she was snorting a mysterious substance on a yacht off the coast of Miami with boyfriend / rapper G-Eazy. You can read between the lines, so Iggy’s diss was particularly savage.

Iggs has since deleted the Tweets as well, but the Internet is forever.

I’d also like to point out I called it. I knew Iggy couldn’t resist biting back. Alright, Halsey. You’re up.


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Thoughts on Halsey and Iggy’s latest spat? Should we care? Leave a comment below!

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