Iggy Azalea’s ‘Digital Distortion’ is back on.

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Iggy Azalea’s Digital Distortion is back on.

The Australian rapper had plans to put forth her LP this past summer, but after an unfortunate breakup from ex-fiance Nick Young and the luke warm reaction to the record’s lead single, “Team,” Azalea decided to hold off. She’s currently a judge on Australia’s The X Factor and is GQ Australia’s Woman of the Year. During her acceptance speech, Azalea joked she now has an “award winning ******,” but her latest interview with an Aussie radio station was more tame and informative.

“My album has been finished for months now but of course I have been here doing [X Factor], which is a big task,” she said. “I’m going to put my single out, which has a feature on it, a girl singing with me, so that will be in January,” adding: “I am really excited.”

Word on the street is the female collaborator is Kesha.

In a separate interview with People this year, Azalea explained she “needed a lot of time” before returning to the scene. “I mean, you wake up one morning and your fiancé is having a baby with someone else, you’re going to need some time, right? I just kind of felt like, on top of me needing the personal time, then feeling, ‘Okay, I’m single now. I want to have **** songs. I want to say stuff about being single,'” she added.

Iggy has recently recorded collaborations with producer Zedd and rapper French Montana (whom she is rumored to be rebounding dating). Azalea has also recently aligned herself with Verse Simmonds, the song scientist behind Rihanna’s “Man Down” and Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Who Gon Stop Me.” Simmonds posted a little preview of their collaboration together, and some listeners think it’s reminiscent of something Azealia Banks would record. The clip also features a bit of awkward dancing from Iggy.

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