Azalea held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter with her fans.

Iggy Azalea's New Album Is Titled "Digital Distortion"

If anyone knows a thing or two about digital distortion, it’s Iggy Azalea.

Azalea has remained a target of online bullying since the start, and it appears she’s using it as ammo for her upcoming album. There’s no set release date yet for the forthcoming LP, but Azalea did confirm the name is Digital Distortion and the first single drops this month.

She held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter with her fans, and while most of Azalea’s musical peers plan carefully thought-out and strategic marketing campaigns to divulge information like the single release date or album title name, the Australian rapper remains unbothered. The impulsive Tweets are oddly refreshing.

Azalea also revealed she wrote for Selena Gomez’s new record, but the material just didn’t fit, saying “i did a song for her a while ago but she didnt release it, it was called girl crush. shes great. i didnt write it for her, just a verse. but it was very different to the current stuff so it may not have fit her new music :-)”

On Tuesday (Oct, 6), Azalea Tweeted she wanted Tinashe to partake on a song on Digital Distortion:

Oh, and also…