Iggy says she anticipates having a tough time performing “Savior” because it’s such a personal song to her.

Iggy Azalea poses on a television set and basks in neon light in her visually appealing lyric video for “Savior” featuring Quavo.

Iggy says she anticipates having a tough time performing “Savior” because it’s such a personal song to her.

“It is not a record about you needing a man or a woman to come and save you in a relationship,” Iggy said in a new behind-the-scenes clip (see below). “It’s about you being your own savior and finding your own strength within yourself to figure it the f–k out.”

She adds: “It’s a really hard record for me to have written and I think it’s going to be one I really struggle to perform to just cause I’ll probably want to cry every single time. Even though it’s emotionally vulnerable and stripped back, I’m still going to be a fancy diva.”

Judging from the genetic makeup of the song, it doesn’t FEEL personal. It actually sounds like something a DJ will inevitably rip apart and transform into a club banger. That message is really confusing, and the lyric video even more so. It’s a series of glamor shots and not all of the lyrics are presented.

It’s beautifully shot, but if this is Iggy giving us something intimate, I’m terrified to see what she comes up with when she’s in a mood.

Watch below:


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  1. I love everything about this!
    The word “savior” alone is already full with meaning, and the lyrics are nothing but light, so for a rapper that’s been delivering bangers non-stop I think this is pretty deep and definitely personal.

  2. I actually really enjoy the track and hope she has some success with it. I think its unfair that she’s criticized for just wanting to make music, any race or color should be able to make rap music without the PC Police coming out to ruin a young girls career. Most people do not realize that not allowing people to be inspired by everything they see and hear keeps us all further apart. #foreverziggy

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