Iggy Azalea Would Rather See JLo’s Show Over Britney’s

March 24, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Iggy Azalea plays a game of “Spill The Music Indus-tea” on Watch What Happens Live.



Iggy Azalea collaborated with JLo and Britney, so who would she rather check out in Vegas?


Iggy Azalea is making the rounds on the blogosphere this week for some pretty bold statements! From her psychotic breakdown to suicidal thoughts, the Australian rapper is using the spotlight to call attention to herself during promotion for her new single, “Team.” Part of the campaign included an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday where she was asked to play a game of “Spill The Music Indus-tea.” Host Andy Cohen asked her to choose who she’d rather see perform in Vegas: Britney or JLo.

“I’d probably rather see JLo’s just because of the level of dancing that she provides. I know Britney’s a dancer, too, but JLo is like…” host Andy Cohen chimes in: “full throttle.” She agrees, and confirms JLo it is.

The revelation comes following her admission that Britney’s team searched her house before their lunch together.


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