Tinashe’s response is a series of Emojis.

Iggy Azalea Wants Tinashe To Collaborate On New Record

To some *******, Iggy Azalea is a nightmare.

Iggy Azalea previously said she wants an album without any filler songs, and one of those might now include Tinashe. The two previously collaborated on Tinashe’s “All Hands On Deck” remix, but now the Australian rapper is eyeing the “Player” singer for her forthcoming record she’s currently crafting.

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Azalea Tweeted, “STUFF IS HAPPENING PEOPLE. BRB. in addition to the aforementioned “stuff”… I shot my album cover today and im really excited. I would like to work with you again too @Tinashe… you’re awesome. My album this time? Sleep on me if you want to… to some ******* im a nightmare.”

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Tinashe caught wind of the request, and her response was peculiar:

Azalea promised fans she has a promotional song titled “Zillion” on the way. Until then, here’s that “All Hands On Deck” remix we mentioned above: