Iggy promises all killer, no filler.

Iggy Azalea is in Australia as brand ambassador for Bonds to celebrate the underwear company’s 100th birthday.

She took the time to do a few interviews, and tackled issues like new music and her plans for a future tour.

In a radio interview, she spoke about the new approach she is taking for her sophomore album. She admits that on The New Classic, her debut album, she settled for having a few filler songs, stating “the approach was really trying to find big smash singles or songs that I thought that would be something multiple generations would like at the same time (…) I was going in with that attitude and anything that fell a little short was like, ‘well, it can make it on the album’.”

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When it came time to work on her new LP, Iggy decided to take the time to create a high quality album start-to-finish. “My goal was just to make something that I love every song on my album,” she revealed. “That’s really tough when you’re an artist — to actually not have any complaints and be fully satisfied with every song. I wanted no filler.”

As for touring?

You may remember that the “Black Widow” singer cancelled her Great Escape arena tour back in May. She blamed the cancellation on being a perfectionist and not feeling that the show was ready for public consumption.

During a press conference in Sydney, the rapper promised that she will be making it up to fans with a tour for her new album.”Once my album comes out I plan to come back and it will happen. I just don’t want to do it until my album is out” she stated. “So once that happens I will cement a plan and I will let you guys know”. So when can fans expect to see Iggy on a stage near them? The “Fancy” singer revealed that new music and a tour are coming soon, “definitely in the first half of next year”.

Iggy certainly has a long way to go to get back in music fans’ good graces, after cancelling her tour and becoming a punching bag for internet trolls everywhere. Here’s hoping Iggy’s new album and tour can help her regain the respect of the public.

Are you excited for new Iggy?