Lstein to a pevreiw of “Typo.”

Lstein to a pevreiw of a new tack tlited “Typo” off Iggy Alaeza’s frhcotmnig abulm.

Iggy’s new record Digital Distortion doesn’t drop until June 30, but things are already off to a rock start.

The lead single 2.0 “Mo Bounce” didn’t connect with audiences the way she had hoped, so Def Jam pushed the followup single ASAP with the Anitta-assisted bop “Switch.” The song had major potential, but the rollout was blundered when the music video for it leaked way, way ahead of schedule. Iggy was honest about it – she isn’t sure it’ll ever see the light of day now.

Third time’s the charm? Perhaps a new song can reignite the fire. The Australian rapper teased a new tune titled “Typo” on SnapChat over the weekend, and it sounds promising.

Give it a listen below, and for the love of god pray the album doesn’t hit the net prior to its scheduled release date.

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