See Azalea’s holographic album cover.


Iggy Azalea previewed her upcoming album’s cover art.

Azalea promised fans she’d drop two buzz singles before a proper release last month, but her Digital Distortion game plan was undermined. After sharing “AZILLION,” Azalea had another up her sleeve – a song titled “Middle Man” – as well as her official first single “Team,” but only shared a teasers of them after admitting a particular label exec “doesnt wanna see me shine.”

All the “Pretty Girls” rapper has to offer now is her morphing physical Digital Distortion cover. She told fans, “Sneaky little #DigitalDistortion preview for you guys.” She also reveals “Team” is on its way.

Ahh, we see what she did there, but no holographic can distract us from wanting to hear her forthcoming LP.


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