She deserves better than this.

Iggy Azalea just released a new song and video for “Started,” the latest release from the newly-independent artist, but despite having millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube, the song failed to impact the Hot 100. Iggy’s not happy about it.

An account on Twitter that tracks chart performance notified the Australian rap queen of her song’s status, and she’s less than pleased.

“That’s it. I’m wearing jeans and giving you 1 look in my next video,” Iggy Tweeted. She’s obviously joking. Well, half-joking.

It’s not exactly the debut she had hoped for, and it aligns with her views on payola in the industry. She recently put Spotify on blast for that, claiming they purposefully didn’t promote her new tunes like some of her pop peers because she’s now labeless (meaning, she doesn’t belong to a record company that’s allegedly paying for play).

Chart chasing is no fun, so if Iggy can work towards letting go of the instant gratification that comes along with seeing your song performance on a graph, then she’ll continue enjoying serving visuals. “Started” was phenomenal, so hopefully this didn’t deter her too much. Like… we have “Old Town Road’ dominating the Hot 100 at the moment… this **** doesn’t make any sense anyway.

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