Back on track.

Iggy Azalea is back on track.

Last year, she threatened to release Digital Distortion by throwing her song “Team” at us, but everything came to a halt when her personal life saw some huge changes. Internet bullying, a breakup, it wasn’t the right time to release. Instead, she scrapped nearly everything she recorded and started from scratch.

As it stands, Digital Distortion is a manifestation of her newfound freedoms, and it began with the monstrous banger “Mo Bounce.” “I think the first album that I scrapped was very aggressive and very angry and abrasive,” Iggy recently said. “That’s how I felt at the time.” She credits that to the constant controversy she found herself in. “Time has passed. Time heals all sometimes… I’m happy.” Unlike the first bout, things don’t end there. She has a second single planned – it appears to be the Anitta feature she teased a few weeks back. A while ago, Iggy said “I’m going to put my single out, which has a feature on it, a girl singing with me, so that will be in January.” A few months off, but at least she’s consistent.

The rap star is notorious for spilling the beans against label advice. Over the weekend, Iggy shared new material and hinted that the DD pre-order will become available in May (previous to this, Iggs says the record drops in the first week of June). The previews are brief, but bangers. Fans believe the name of the song she’s teasing is titled “Shade.” She also previewed a song titled “Elephant” and it features rapper YG. So far so good.

Listen to the new ish below:

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