iggy iggy to biggy

It’s not a good time to be rap’s most controversial rising star.

Iggy Azalea has had a… well, let’s call it a mixed year, characterized by extreme highs and some more damaging lows. Despite easily being this year’s breakout rapper thanks to the mega-hit “Fancy” and her high profile guest appearance on Ariana’s “Problem”, she’s quickly become one of the most polarizing new stars in a minute, getting caught up in endless race-rows, with accusations of cultural appropriation and out-and-out racism flying about left, right and center.

So I gotta call it like I see it, scrapping the “Beg For It” video smacks of subtle rebranding as opposed to scheduling conflicts, as she claimed on Twitter last week.

Whilst Iggy’s definitely been on her grind this past month, it doesn’t seem wholly convincing that she wouldn’t have scheduled some time to shoot a video for the lead single from her album repackage “ReClassified” especially considering that girlfriend almost undoubtedly knew about her Jingle Bell-commitments for months in advance.

In reality, “Beg For It” hasn’t been a massive flop, but it stalled at a not brilliant peak of 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Whether people just aren’t feeling this one from the self-proclaimed realest rapper in the game or whether the disastrous SNL performance with MO did some lasting damage to the song, it’s hard to tell. Either way I think Iggy’s pulling a sensible play by shooting this one in the water and moving on.

The Jennifer Hudson assisted “Trouble” feels like a way better follow-up to “Fancy” and ”Dark Horse” “Black Widow”, playing much more on Iggy’s talent for mixing pop beats with her own I-G-G-Y brand of Hip-Hop-lite. The funky, bouncy beat of “Trouble” feels much fresher than “Beg For It” did and Iggy’s flow, which let’s be real can be… um, patchy at best, is far better on the second cut from the record. Jennifer is, well, Jennifer – vocally she’s predictably brilliant but unlikely to pull in a massive commercial appeal (#justiceforJHUD.)

I don’t know, y’all. I’m not generally Iggy’s biggest fan – “Work” was sick, “Fancy” was catchy as hell (but I was way more here for Charli’s chorus on that one) and it all seems to have gone a bit downhill from there for me. I do think that switching gears is the right choice here though, all them Azaleans (smh at that fan name) better cross their fingers that “Trouble” fairs better than “Beg For It” – realistically it should.

What do you think? Begging for more I-G-G-Y or think she’s more trouble than she’s worth? Weigh in on Exhale.