Iggy wins.

Iggy wins.

The Australian rapper has had a really difficult time releasing her forthcoming(?) album Digital Distortion. Iggy is one of the most candid artists in the game. She kept it real with fans: her label Def Jam isn’t that interested in supporting the release because her recent singles haven’t performed that well. Unfortunately, the business side of the music industry is a numbers game, and Iggy didn’t come through. The label politics forced the “Team” slayer to postpone her album release (it was originally scheduled to drop in June).

At one point, Iggy said she was just over it. “I just want to put [Digital Distortion] out and be done with it and hopefully start a new album i can finish fast and put out without all these issues,” she admitted. Not long after, Iggy brought sad news: “Steve Bartels [CEO of Def Jam Recordings] says he doesn’t want to release another single for my album unfortunately.”

Then there was chatter of a collaboration with former feud, Azealia Banks, but that was apparently blocked by Def Jam, according to the Harlem rapper.

Things weren’t looking good, but it appears she’s taken matters into her own hands. In a series of new Tweets, Iggs confirms she will release new songs.

“I honestly cant mention whats new with me on twitter,” she said. “Im sure there will be a press release in due time but Its not up to me to announce.” What does she mean? “All anyone need know is, No ones holding any project or song hostage. Im fixing whats broken. Getting the team I needed. Im excited.”

Has Iggy jumped ship? Worked out a new deal? Made up with Def Jam? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see, but the good news is we’ll get something new from her sooner than later.

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