Someone take Twitter away from her.

Iggy Azalea Says She Enjoys Her Millions For Doing Nothing

Iggy Azalea tries to one up a hater by being obnoxious.

Not really how it works. Le sigh. But this is the world we live in when Iggy Azalea has access to her Twitter, despite announcing earlier this year she was taking an extended hiatus from social media. That decision flew out the window in recent months when Azalea became trigger happy explaining her stance on “Pretty Girls” promo, plastic surgery and now this.
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The Australian rapper, who’s currently working on her upcoming record out in 2016 (sans a deluxe edition and probably just 10 tracks), clapped back at a hater who Tweeted an amusing joke with something cringeworthy and unrelatable to 99.9% of people. When @SuperheroFeed Tweeted, “‘The Last Airbender’ is to movies what Iggy Azaelia is to music,” one of Azalea’s fans spouted a rebuttal in defense of their idol. The “Pretty Girls” feature-singer took the opportunity to respond: “I think its another one of those jokes only middle aged men who get boners over comic book movies understand.”

This prompted a speedy response from @SuperheroFeed who slammed Azalea for not writing her own lyrics, a major point of contention in rap right now re: Drake & Meek Mill, Tweeting: “You can insult my joke Iggy but at least I wrote it.”

Azalea absolutely had to get the last word in, and did so by saying she makes money by not doing anything – a sentiment we couldn’t agree with more.

Funny enough, Azalea spoke to Sunday Style this week about saying things you later regret.

“I think everyone has things they wished they didn’t say, especially when you’re young, and especially when you’re an artist and you’re trying to get out there and you want to be more controversial,” she says. “It’s unfortunate if people make it about you being prejudiced or insensitive. I’m not, and I don’t want people to think that’s my character. You wouldn’t, either. Who would want that, besides Donald Trump?”

Azalea could probably catch Fantastic 4 now that her schedule’s cleared up.

This leads us to ask…

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