Iggy Azalea says “Pretty Girls” is for Britney’s new album!

Iggy Azalea Says "Pretty Girls" Is For Britney's New Album

Iggy Azalea says “Pretty Girls” is for Britney’s new ALBUM. Say whaaat?

Despite manager Larry Rudolph telling Billboard a new Britney album is not a priority, Iggy Azalea says she won’t take the song for her next record because it’s going on Britney’s new record. Oh, and Iggy is co-directing the music video.

Iggy told Access Hollywood at the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday:

“We collaborated so many months ago… it’s been a long time in the making. Figuring out who’s album it will be on, it’s going to be on hers. I’m super exited about. I’m going to be co-directing the video next week (we film it). That’s been awesome not only getting to work with her and write the song, but being able to have something to do with the visual and all that has been great. It’s been just an honor she’d even let me do that for her.”

Iggy’s co-directed “Trouble” and “Black Widow” with Director X, so we imagine third time’s the charm.

She added Britney’s had her own input for the visual.

Watch it below at 1:00 in:

So wait, Britney isn’t releasing a handful of singles over the next year? She’ll have an album instead?

What do you think about all of this?