But is it?

Iggy Azalea Says Beef With Britney Is Invented By The Media

Is it though?

After Iggy Azalea’s initial Twitter rant regarding the floppage of “Pretty Girls” due to Britney’s lack of desire to promote the potential summer smash, she experienced a major backlash from the Britney Army and the media.

To be expected.

She feels everyone’s making something from nothing, but it’s Britney’s casual response throwing major shade at the Australian rapper that confirmed we’re not inventing the drama, just enjoying it. Brit doesn’t expressly mention Azalea’s name when she says she looks forward to performing throughout the rest of the year at her multi-million dollar residency, but we can infer it’s aimed at Iggy who recently announced the cancellation of her arena tour.


As a result, Iggy Igg posted another series of Tweets claiming the media is blowing this “feud” out of the water and really, it’s all good.

We don’t disagree with everything Iggy is saying. Yes, the song needed more promotion if it wanted to stand a chance against songs that are fully backed by the artists, but that’s not how the Britney brand works. Britney’s not out to prove anything to anyone any longer. No. 1s aren’t necessarily a thing of the past for the “Tom’s Diner” singer, but they certainly will be seen less and less because there are artists out there wanting to brave the spotlight to push their work into the lives of millions. Iggy is getting burned at the stake for what she said, but honestly no lies detected. Perhaps she’ll figure out a better way to convey her thoughts and feelings next time versus an impulsive Twitter rant(s).